What are the benefits of a tandem pushchair over a side to side?

There are many benefits of tandem, but the separation between the children is key as this can make sure they don’t bicker with each other, as you would in a side-side pram, this can also be helpful getting in and out of the house quickly and quietly.

Should I get a double buggy?

A double buggy can benefit you with your little one with longer trips to foot as their tiny legs unfortunately won’t get very far, an easy buggy will assist your longest journey.

Does a double buggy fit in a car?

Our Buggies are all able to assemble and disassemble with ease, with a push of a few buttons your buggy can be folded and in the boot with no hassle in seconds.

Do double strollers fit through doorways?

Our double strollers(Duo) can fit through doorways with ease and with space to spare, a conventional and robust design ensures no fuss when it’s time to move the little ones.

What is the lightest double buggy?

Our Duo range is extremely light, weighing only 12kg, meaning you can pack up your Duo within seconds and put it in the boot when it’s time to go.

What should I look for when buying a double pushchair?

You should focus on utility and preference, would you like your children sitting side to side or one over the other for a bit more peace and quiet, for either option, we’ve got you covered.

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