What age should a child be out of a pushchair?

A child is usually recommended to be out of the pushchairs at around age 3+, a child needs to grow and develop by moving around by themselves and strapped into a chair does not permit that as much.

Are triple pushchairs suitable for childminders?

Triple Pushchairs are extremely suitable for childminders who can have a lot on their plate at one time, our triple stroller can accommodate 3 little ones, to push around with ease and no discomfort.

What should i look for when buying a triple pushchair

you should look for a pushchair that is robust and practical, and think about your surroundings. If you are in a city or a more rural area you may have more or less ease and access through places.

What is the best triple pushchair for nurseries?

The best triple pushchair for nurseries has to be hand down the Kidz Kargo triple stroller, with easy mechanisms to assemble and disassemble, 3 little ones can be transported comfortably anywhere, and it fits in larger doorways and for 3 kids side by side the width is versatile and perfect for the triple size.

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